Monday, May 16, 2011

Is a word that explains something about subject in the sentence.
(Suatu kata yang menerangkan subjek di dalamnya)
Kinds of verb:
  1. According to the function
    (See this post)
    • Finite verb ( kata kerja terbatas)
      • It is limited verb for subject or the first verb in the sentence(kata kerja terbatas untuk subjek/ kata kerja pertama dalam kalimat )
      • It is the verb without “to” (kata kerja yang tanpa menggunakan “to”)
      I watch the movie
      He watches the movie
    • Infintive verb (kata kerja tidak terbatas)
      It is unlimited verb in the sentence, because it can be as subject, object, adverb,and adjective or it is original verb with to.
      As Subject
      To read is my hobby.
      As object (to be put after transitive verb)
      I want to read.

  2. According to the object
    • Transitive verb (memerlukan objek)
    • Intransitive verb (tidak memerlukan objek)

  3. According to form (menurut bentuknya)
    • Regular verb (beraturan)
    • Irregular verb (tidak beraturan)

  4. According to tense
    • Past Tense
    • Present Tense
    • Future Tense

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